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New York City History
Tammany Hall and Politics
New York City Politicians
New York City Personalities

Culture of Gotham City

Culture of the city
Cultural diversity
City in popular culture

Famous Personalities


Aaliyah | Kareem Abdul-Jabbar | Christina Aguilera | Woody Allen | Hank Azaria


Anne Bancroft | Harry Belafonte | David Blaine | Humphrey Bogart | Margaret Bourke-White | Riddick Bowe | James J. Braddock | Matthew Broderick | Mel Brooks | Steve Buscemi


James Caan | Maria Callas | Al Capone | George Carlin | Anderson Cooper | Aaron Copland | Bob Costas | Mario Cuomo | Tony Curtis


Bobby Darin | Sammy Davis Jr. | Rosario Dawson | Robert De Niro | Neil Diamond | P. Diddy | Vin Diesel | Kirk Douglas | Richard Dreyfuss


Duke Ellington


Douglas Fairbanks Jr. | Louis Farrakhan | Morton Feldman | 50 Cent | Jane Fonda | Peter Fonda | Malcolm Forbes


John Garfield | Art Garfunkel | George Gershwin | Vitas Gerulaitis | Jackie Gleason | Whoopi Goldberg | Cuba Gooding Jr. | Rocky Graziano | Alan Greenspan | Melanie Griffith | Peggy Guggenheim | Maggie Gyllenhaal


Rita Hayworth | Carol Heiss | Jim Hellwig | Lance Henriksen | Peter Cooper Hewitt | Gregory Hines | Judd Hirsch | Lena Horne | Edward Everett Horton


Washington Irving


Henry James | Jay-Z | Billy Joel | Scarlett Johansson | Kimberly Denise Jones | Nasir Jones | Norah Jones | Michael Jordan


Danny Kaye | Alicia Keys | Calvin Klein | Lenny Kravitz | Stanley Kubrick


Jake LaMotta | Burt Lancaster | Martin Landau | Diane Lane | Cyndi Lauper | Ralph Lauren | Steve Lawrence | Joe E. Lewis | Roy Lichtenstein | John Lindsay | Robert R. Livingston | Vince Lombardi | Lindsay Lohan | Jennifer Lopez | Lucky Luciano


Barry Manilow | The Marx Brothers | Walter Matthau | Yehudi Menuhin | Sienna Miller | Isaac Mizrahi | Mary Tyler Moore | Gouverneur Morris | Charlie Murphy | Eddie Murphy


Eugene O'Neill | Robert Oppenheimer | Bill O'Reilly


Al Pacino | James Patterson | Amanda Peet | Colin Powell | Priscilla Presley | Mario Puzo


Joey Ramone | Marky Ramone | Lou Reed | Christopher Reeve | Paul Reiser | Laurance Rockefeller | Winthrop Rockefeller | Norman Rockwell | Alex Rodriguez | Ray Romano | Mickey Rooney | Eleanor Roosevelt | Theodore Roosevelt | Ethel Greenglass Rosenberg | Julius Rosenberg | Mercedes Ruehl


Carl Sagan | J. D. Salinger | Jonas Salk | Adam Sandler | Charles Schumer | Julius Schwartz | Martin Scorsese | Jerry Seinfeld | Tupac Shakur | Judith Sheindlin | Daniel Sickles | Bugsy Siegel | Robert Silverberg | Carly Simon | Neil Simon | Phoebe Snow | Eliot Spitzer | Sylvester Stallone | Barbara Stanwyck | Julia Stiles | Henry L. Stimson | Oliver Stone | Susan Strasberg | Barbra Streisand


Irving Thalberg | Johnny Thunders | Joe Torre | Donald Trump | William Tweed | Mike Tyson


Cornelius Vanderbilt | Luther Vandross


Christopher Walken | Christopher Wallace | Eli Wallach | Vera Wang | Sigourney Weaver | Steven Weinberg | Eric West | Leslie West | Mae West | Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney | Vanessa Lynn Williams

This is NYC

New York City Neighborhoods

NYC has a rich history in diversity and the city as a whole is nothing more than many small neighborhoods. Explore it with us..

NYC Neighborhoods
Manhattan Island

NYC Waterfronts & Beaches

NYC's waterfront is roughly 600 miles long and the overall form of the Harbor has remained unchanged from the time of Giovanni da Verrazzano. Learn more about the harbor, its shores and its waterways.

NYC Waterfronts
New York City Beaches

History and Politics of NYC

Did you know that New York City was briefly the U.S. capital during 1789-90 and was state capital until 1797?

New York City History
Tammany Hall and Politics
New York City Politicians

Culture of Gotham City

The culture of NYC is shaped by centuries of immigration, the city's size and variety, and its status as the cultural capital of the United States.

Culture of the city
Cultural diversity
City in popular culture

Travel & Transportation

The dominant mode of transportation in New York City is mass transit - Subways and Buses. However, it is the Taxicabs that are real New York icons!

Safety & Security

How safe is New York City? Contrary to popular belief, the City consistantly ranks in the top ten safest large cities in the United States. The NYPD is the largest municipal police force in the world and has it's own Movie/TV Unit.

New York Climate

New York has a humid continental climate resulting from prevailing wind patterns that bring cool air from the interior of the North American continent. New York winters are typically cold with moderate snowfall.
New York Weather Forecast


New York's two key demographic features are its density and diversity. The New York City metropolitan area is home to the largest Jewish community outside Israel. It is also home to nearly a quarter of the nation's South Asians, and the largest African American community of any city in the country.
Ethnic composition

New York Newspapers

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